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HP-RFi Payments Report - April 2013


The HP-RFi Australian Payments Research examines the payment behaviour of Australian consumers to identify and validate key trends. 

This report:

  • Examines the current state of consumer payments in Australia by identifying payment method trends and changes in consumer spending behaviour.
  • Assesses consumer attitudes towards payment methods and evaluates the likely effect on the future of the payments system. 

  • Discusses the adoption rate of contactless payments and gauges the outlook for mobile payments by examining consumer attitudes and determining the biggest barriers to the uptake of this new form of payments.
  • Examines online shopping behaviour and consumer sentiment towards online payments. It examines the trends in the types of purchases made and websites visited by online shoppers to determine the key factors that affect consumers’ online payment preferences and purchasing behaviour. In addition, this report examines overseas payments behaviour among Australian travellers.
This report presents the cumulative findings of research first conducted in September 2011, then subsequently at six month intervals in March 2012, September 2012 and March 2013. In each survey, more than 2,000 Australian adults were surveyed on their payment preferences and usage, as well as their views on emerging payment methods such as contactless and mobile payments. 

Download the HP-RFi Payments Report here