Australia: ANZ Visa debit cards for the vision impaired

ANZ is issuing new Visa debit cards, which have new accessibility features to aid vision-impaired Australians with their banking needs. ANZ’s Visa debit cards will now feature tactile indicators, have increased font size and highly visible edges to assist customers to identify their card and determine which way it inserts into card accepting machines.

ANZ Senior Manager of Everyday Banking, Steve Price, said, “We know that one in five Australians lives with a disability of some sort, so it’s really important we develop products all our customers can use conveniently. We have a commitment to inclusive design and accessibility standards in all aspects of our product development, so the extension of these features to a further 3.4 million cards is a significant part of delivering on that.”

This decision comes following the release of the new $10 and $5 notes. The new notes all include small bumps, similar to brail, to help vision-impaired determine the exact value. ANZ’s new Visa debit card is expected to be particularly helpful as RFi Group data shows that more and more Australians are choosing to use debit and credit cards instead of cash.

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